T-Shirt Contest

T-shirt on Vacation Winners 2015

Most Famous - Maxwell Claydon in front of Buckingham Palace, London England
Most Historic - Alexa Novak at the Science and Industry Museum with Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Chicago, IL
Most Unique - Dallas Hord at the Willis Tower in Chicago, IL
Coldest - Cody Williams catching a halibut in Alaska!
Furthest Distance - Martin Gillen in Prague, Czech Republic
Best Collage - Caitlyn Emerson goes on vacation!
Funniest - Isabel Napoli is trying to save Aidan on the boardwalk in Wildwood
Most Natural - Nathan Lach at Arches National Park, Utah!!
Most Tropical - The Rich Girls in Hawaii (Ellie, Jayden, Mallory)
Most Patriotic - Hunter Philbeck at Mount Rushmore, SD
Most Exotic - Jaylynn McMarthy in Atlantis, Bahamas!!
Gooiest Entry - William Lafevre at the gum wall in Seattle, WA
Most local - Reese Rodriguez is on summer break- visiting Chenin Ortho!

1. Maxwell Claydon

2. Alexa Novak

3. Dallas Hord

4. Cody Williams

5. Martin Gillen

6. Caitlyn Emerson

7. Isabel Napoli and Aidan

8. Nathan Lach

9. Ellie, Jayden and Mallory

10. Hunter Philbeck

11. Jaylynn McMarthy

12. William Lafevre

13. Reese Rodriguez


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